A fresh look at digital receipts.

Are you tired of a drawer full of receipts?
Do you hate overly complicated solutions?

Try flyceipts! The receipt manager that understands you.

Key Features

Automatic Receipt Reading

Don't waste time filling the data that's already on the receipt, we can automatically read it.

Never miss the warranty

Did your purchased item break and you are uncertain if it's still in warranty? Let us worry about that!


Workspaces push collaborative receipt management to the next level. You see, you manage and you get notified seamlessly.

Group Them

Sort your receipts in groups. Maybe you'd like to group your business trip expenses? It's easier than you think.


Easily create password-protected reports that can be shared with your accountant, employer or anyone else.


A graph is worth a thousand words. Analytics help you understand your spending in an interactive way.


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Basic Plan


For no cost, you get:
  • 20 Free Receipts
  • Single Workspace
  • Unlimited Custom Groups
  • Expense Analytics
  • Automatic Receipt Reading - 50 receipts per month
  • No credit card required

Premium Plan


In addition to Basic plan you get:
  • Unlimited Receipts
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Full Featured Reports
  • Premium Icons
  • Custom Categories
  • Customer Support

Individual Plan

Let us design the perfect plan for you.

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